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At Intricate Designs our goal is take your gift and make it one of a kind. Whether it be engraving your loved ones picture, a proposal, wedding keepsake, favorite quote or saying we can make it happen. A favor for every occasion, our imagination has no bounds. We have a wide selection for you to choose from, but do not limit yourself to our examples in the showroom, we come take your ideas and nurture them to completion.


Dye-sublimation printing is a digital printing technology using full color artwork that works with polyester and polymer-coated substrates. Also referred to as digital sublimation, the process is commonly used for decorating apparel, signs and banners, as well as novelty items such as cell phone covers, plaques, coffee mugs, and other items with sublimation-friendly surfaces. The process uses the science of sublimation, in which heat and pressure are applied to a solid, turning it into a gas through an endothermic reaction without passing through the liquid phase.


Engraving is the practice of incising a design onto a hard, usually flat surface by cutting grooves into it. The result may be a decorated object in itself, as when silver, gold, steel, or glass are engraved, or may provide an intaglio printing plate, of copper or another metal, for printing images on paper as prints or illustrations; these images are also called engravings. Wood engraving is a form of relief printing and is not covered in this article.

2-D Engraving

Pictures can instantly bring you back to a special moment in life. We bring those moments worth remembering to you in a very special way. We eternalize your favorite pictures by subsurface engraving them into optical quality crystal. The finished product is so exceptionally brilliant it is mesmerizing. Send us your favorite photo and we will capture each smile or look into a piece to be treasured.

3-D Engraving

Photo crystals are made using a special laser that focuses its concentrated beams of light to a precise point below the surface of the crystal. Each bright point in the image is plotted in the final crystal piece. The laser then focuses a high-powered beam on each three-dimensional coordinate. Once the beam reaches the focal point, the powerful laser pulse makes a tiny void or inclusion inside the crystal. Then the laser moves to the next coordinate and makes another etched point. Finally, enough points are created to reproduce the design deep within the crystal. As laser beams are non-invasive, no marks or blemishes are left on the surface of the crystal. When viewed from any angle the intricate design is viewed much like a three dimensional sculpture.

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